About Me

food is the best medicine

Deliciously Legal is about sharing my grain free | flourless, dairy free, and low FODMAPs recipes, which I began working on about nine years ago. The emphasis here is on using nutritious ingredients to create delicious wholesome results.

Being deprived of all grain, all dairy, and problem FODMAP foods does not have to equate with being deprived of the joy of eating! I am confident you will find these recipes a delight for the taste buds, yet easy going on your health and digestion.

Along with the recipes you will find information about the produce and other ingredients that feature in these recipes. Of particular concern will be how these foods can benefit our bodies.

Recipes range from purely medicinal to decadently indulgent, and include raw food and vegan, as well as meat dishes and a large variety of baked goods.

My hope is that these recipes will be useful to many, especially for those, who like me, need to lighten the load on their immune system and nurture their way back to health.

I warmly welcome you to Deliciously Legal,


Hello, my name is Myf Svanberg.


Growing up in a family where natural remedies and therapies were always the preferred choice fostered a whole-food cooking approach at home. But I was still sick.A bad bout of glandular fever left me struggling with symptoms of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. I simply had no energy to continue my career adventure at that time and instead I had to focus on getting well.

Going gluten-free, avoiding all cows milk products and eating mainly organic was not the answer either.

I finally worked out that ALL GRAINS and ALL DAIRY including goats milk, sheep milk, and buffalo milk products were definitely exacerbating my symptoms.

Later on I found I needed to address the FODMAPs as well. FODMAPs are a group of dietary sugars that are difficult to digest and can aggravate not just digestion/elimination problems but other health issues.

The move away from grains, dairy, and problem FODMAP foods improved my health so dramatically that it prompted me to return to the kitchen once again.

First of all, I was hungry but that’s not the only reason for getting back to the kitchen.

Knowing that I might have to live this way for quite some time I decided to begin experimental work on developing deliciously “legal” concoctions to fill this new void in my life and diet.

Furthermore, for the sake of simplicity and practicality, these new, fandangled recipes had to be real food. Food that my whole family would truly enjoy eating.

As time went on I began to learn that many more people, young and old alike, have had to make similar dietary changes and hence, I could see that my emerging collection of recipes could be useful beyond the needs of myself, and my immediate family,

….and so Deliciously Legal was born!


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